Advantages and disadvantages of the method of shipping goods by sea

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Advantages and disadvantages of the method of shipping goods by sea

With the development of today's sea transfer services, we have added a lot of usable usages, however, to decide which way to transport cargo by sea, the customer needs to grasp. What is its pros and cons?


    Shipping at sea can carry all kinds of cargo. The birth of huge ships, this is for the carrier of goods. Because the ocean and sea are extremely large, the movement of these ships is not difficult.

With such huge ships, it can carry all sorts of goods that will make it easier for you to ship.

The volume of shipping is large. Shipping volumes by sea can be hundreds or thousands of times more than air freight.

    Low cost. Shipping by sea is considered a top priority in the transportation of goods between countries by shipping in large volumes, so prices are reduced.

Shipping by sea is considered to be the lowest cost of all   

To facilitate economic exchanges with countries and regions in the world. The transportation of goods to the waters of another country must be approved by them. This promotes economic exchanges between countries in order to create conditions for easy circulation of goods and economic development of the country.

    The problem of collision during transportation is also limited, safe for goods. As the sea lanes are very wide, the collision is less frequent.


    The speed of transportation of the train is slow, so transportation time is very long.

    Sea pollution Due to ship damage, damage to the ship, or the sense of the sailors, the marine environment may be affected.

    Shipping can not be delivered. Due to the large size of the ships, it is only possible to transport goods to the port and then use the road to bring the goods to the consumer.


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