Confirming cargo transport capacity by road

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Confirming cargo transport capacity by road

Since the commodity-produced economy has been born so far, international and local cargo transport has always played a key role in the production process, in the distribution and movement of goods. . With most shippers, road transport is probably the most common mode today. If the distance is short, of course the road is more convenient. As a service in the logistics supply chain, Phuong Vy's transport activities for many years have affirmed the brand name, reputation in the land transport market from the port of Ho Chi Minh City to the industrial park, qualified factories. To meet all the needs of customers' transport of goods from simple transportation to oversized, overloaded, super-sized and super-heavy goods with the right time, high quality and reasonable price. physical.

Road freight services:

    Transportation of construction materials: Cement, water pipe, brick, sand, stone, steel, gypsum, furniture, ...

    Transportation of agricultural products: Rice, Corn, Wheat, Fresh Vegetables, ...

    Transportation of industrial production: textile, packaging, animal feed, machinery, ...

    Import and export transportation.

    Freight transport, super weight.

Why should choose our trucking?

Freight transportation is no stranger to everyone, with businesses. The birth of hundreds of cargo companies, the circulation of goods across regions in the country is becoming more and more easy. However, if you do not choose a reliable transport unit, ensure the standard with diversified means of transportation, it is not sure that your cargo will be transported safely, quickly and conveniently. Best.
With a large number of vehicles, from small trucks to large trucks, it can handle transportation of 200 tons to 300 tons per day. Especially, we have a schedule of daily shuttle service to ensure that the small orders are delivered with the fastest time in accordance with the time and requirements of customers. A fast, reliable and secure shipment will help the production line to create a good reputation for your business and personal partners.

With a solid legal foundation, plus the prestige and quality of regular goods, Phuong Vy has the maximum support of reputable transportation companies. Well-trained drivers and reliable transport services are what customers really need at home and we fully meet the expectations.
With a staff of professional, enthusiastic, active and responsible training and one of the long-term, trusted partners. In addition, the team has experienced drivers, transportation and information throughout the province across the country. We believe that we will bring you the most perfect freight service. Customers will feel really comfortable using our transportation services. Customer satisfaction is our most faithful and trustworthy expression.

With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Competitive price". To meet demand: reduce costs and increase profits for customers. Contribute to raising the stature of the Company in the forwarding market for transportation in the long run as well as in the future. We always consider the success of customers is the motivation and opportunity for us to develop.


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