When transporting goods by road, what kind of papers should be noted?

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When transporting goods by road, what kind of papers should be noted?

If you do not know or only the first time to transport international goods or domestic freight, you should read this article carefully. Maybe it will help you avoid the risk of transporting goods in the North or far.

Cargo transportation by road

You are intending to transport your goods away, if you have been in charge of North South freight for the company, you are sure you know a lot about the procedures of freight and paper. Essential items when transporting goods away. But if you first shipped or you do not know about shipping regulations then you should read this article carefully. Maybe it will help you avoid the risk of shipping by sea in general and road in particular:

Documents required by the road freight company

- Vehicle documentation: Vehicle registration papers, insurance certificates of all kinds, Run Logs, Contract Signs ...
- The means owner's paper: The business registration certificate of transport according to the specific industry.
- Paper for over oversized vehicles, overload (if any).
- Driver's license papers: driver's license, driver's license, driver's license, etc.
- Certificate of technical safety inspection and environmental protection (referred to as inspection certificate for short).
- Other types of documents: transportation contract, travel papers, receipts, consignment notes, ...
- Moving contract

Which customer documents should be provided to the carrier

According to Circular 94/2003 / TTL, cargoes in transit must be accompanied by invoices and vouchers proving that the origin of goods is legal right at the time of inspection and specifically as follows:

    Business establishments that retail goods to consumers with a value below the prescribed level are not required to make contracts but must make lists of goods retailers at each sale, each type of goods ...

    Goods ex-warehoused for sale, put up for exchange, donated or donated internally: there must be added value or contract of sale with the quantity and value of goods sold.

    Commodities exported to dealers at the prices set by the production and business establishments for commissions can use one of two ways to set up a contract as follows:

- Use value added or sales contract
- Use the export consignment note attached to the internal transfer order

    Business establishments exporting raw materials for processing must submit the ex-warehousing bills clearly stating the goods to be sent for processing together with the processing contracts. Upon return, processing establishments shall have to send export bills clearly stating that the processed products shall be returned to the units hiring to process them together with the processing contracts.

    Commodities sold by the company for sale to the public or to the fair must have an internal transfer order together with the delivery note cum internal transport assigned to the carrier.

    For goods which are wrong, the quality must be returned to the seller must have one of the types of contracts such as: Value added contract, sales contract or self-printed as a document for circulation on the road.

    Business establishments exporting goods - both establishments processing exports when exporting, must have one of the following types of contract: Value added contract, contract of sale or self-printed for circulation on the road

    Products are goods that the seller does not have to make a sale contract including:

- Households engaged in forestry, aquacultural and marine products purchased and produced by villagers must sign contracts on the purchase of forest products, aquatic products, marine products and agricultural products according to form No. 06 / TMH-3LL issued together with Circular No. 120/2002 / TT-BTC dated December 30, 2002 of the Ministry of Finance.
- For personal belongings sold directly by users, business establishments that buy back for sale or receive consignments must make lists of goods purchased or consigned for sale.

    Goods that are internally mobilized from a business establishment to an accounting department or store, or vice versa must be available

- value added contract or contract of sale;
- Ex-delivery-cum-internal transport order, enclosed with an internal transfer order.

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