Goods transportation services HCM - Da Nang.

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Goods transportation services HCM - Da Nang.

Phuong Vy is a shipping company specializing in two-way cargo transportation by trucks and containers from the South to Da Nang and neighboring provinces at a cost-effective and professional cost.

The form of transportation includes: Pick up at the parking lot, pick up the delivery place, pick up at the delivery yard or pick up at customer's request, picking team, packing team Quite demanded. We can deliver to the districts of Hoi An, Cam Le, Hai Chau, Hoa Vang, Hoang Sa, Lien Chieu, Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra, Thanh Khe.

Types of goods are usually shipped to Da Nang:

  •     Transportation of equipment items, supermarkets

  •     Transportation of items in the furniture industry
  •     Transportation of mechanical goods, machinery, spare parts ...
  •     Transportation of chemical products, industrial additives: bitumen, viscous ...
  •     Shipping groups of consumer goods, cosmetics
  •     Shipping fish face textiles, fabrics, garments
  •     Transportation of industrial and agricultural products
  •     Shipping packaging, carton rope
  •     Shipping groups for marketing, product marketing, exhibitions events.
  •     Freight, bulk, bulk goods ......

Shipping method:

  •     To take goods to the place of delivery, delivery of goods to the place of receipt

  •     Get goods at the yard, delivery in the car park
  •     Get the goods at the place of delivery, delivery to the car
  •     Delivery of goods on request

Benefits of choosing Phuong Vy transportation services to Da Nang:

Phuong Vy transportation specializes in transporting goods by containers, romooc trucks, trucks, transfer vehicles ... at the request of customers. Come to Phuong Vy, you peace of mind about the quality of service as well as price:

  •     Price is the most competitive factor, our price is always stable in the long run

  •     There is a daily car schedule, goods are not stored at the warehouse, or late delivery
  •     There is a large fleet of vehicles to meet the demand for goods transportation of customers, always meet timely when the customer needs.
  •     Contracts of transportation, invoice gtgt, clear, accurate, full shipping receipt
  •     We take full responsibility when goods are damaged, lost, or delayed delivery vehicles
  •     Staff are always friendly, cooperative and work hard for customers.
  •     Technical staff of goods inspection, consulting the method of transportation, ensuring the lowest transportation costs
  •     There is a team of loading and unloading, consolidation, reinforcement of goods before loading, ensuring the goods are safe, there will be no case of dented, wet, torn packaging.

We ship with the motto: "SAFETY- QUICK QUICK- COMPLETE", Always bring satisfaction to customers.


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